March 01, 2003

Keith Wills v. Nevyas Eye Associates - Report on Standard of Care Deviation

Dr. Nevyas breached the applicable standard of care by operating on this highly myopic patient with an excimer laser utilizing a treatment zone that was substantially smaller than the pupil size in dim light. Specifically, Mr. Wills' pupils measured 6.25 mm in dim light, while the laser treatment zone was only 5 mm in diameter. With this combination of high myopia and a relatively large pupil, the use of a comparatively small diameter laser treatment zone was highly predictable to cause Mr. Wills to develop the residual visual problems from which he continues to suffer. Moreover, this specific situation (i.e. high myopia and large pupil diameter relative to laser treatment zone) was well known, even in 1997, to result in the likely outcome of permanent problems of glare, halo, starburst, and ghost imaging phenomena.
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