December 03, 2004

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "N.K."

N. K.,
Nicholas Caro, M.D., Individually
and d/b/a St. George Corrective
Vision Surgery,

In this ophthalmology - eye - malpractice lawsuit, this plaintiff claimed that after undergoing LASIK surgery on her right eye on April 30, 1999, she experienced difficulties with a serious candida fungal infection which she followed-up with him on several occasions, which consisted of cap cleanings, prescription of several antibiotics and a steroid, until the following June 11th, her last visit. She subsequently had to undergo a corneal transplant.

During trial, Mrs. K's attorney argued, among other things, that the use of antibiotics over an extended period of time can lead to fungal infections and that Dr. Caro had multiple chances to culture her eye to find and treat the infection, but didn't. And Dr. Caro's attorney argued that Dr. Caro met the standard of care in all ways, and basically tried to discredit Mrs. K's expert witness who had never examined or treated her, had never treated a post-LASIK fungal infection, and does not even perform LASIK surgeries himself.

On December 3, 2004, another wildly out-of-control jury found Dr. Caro liable for Mrs. K's claimed injuries, but only in the modest amount of $50,000. That very likely will not even be enough to cover the costs associated with litigating this suit.

Currently, this one is the second loss for Dr. Caro, out of six suits that have gone to trial.


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