August 26, 1994

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "E.G."

E. G.
Nicholas C. Caro, M.D., Nicholas C.
Caro, M.D. & Associates, S.C.,
St. George Corrective Vision Center
and Eye Technology, Inc.

This plaintiff claimed that during the second of two lamellar keratectomy (LK) surgeries on his left eye on August 26, 1994, Dr. Nicholas Caro cut too deeply into it causing severe damage to the cornea and iris. He also claimed that Eye Technology manufactured a defective machine that was used during the procedure.

These parties could not come to an amicable agreement and let a jury decide for them. At the end of deliberations Eye Technology sought and received a directed verdict in their favor from the judge and the jury found Dr. Caro liable to the tune of $494,905.55.

A directed verdict can be entered by a judge when the evidence, when viewed most favorably for a plaintiff and still overwhelmingly favors a defendant, that no verdict decided in favor of a plaintiff by a jury could stand.


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