July 23, 2003

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "E.L.I."

E. L. I.,
Nicholas C. Caro, M.D. and S.C., both
individually and d/b/a St. George Corrective
Vision Center, Kyle W. Rippel, O.D., P.C.,
and James A. Vitale, O.D. and S.C.,

In this ophthalmology - eye - surgery malpractice lawsuit, this 47-year-old plaintiff alleged that on March 27, 1997, she underwent bilateral LASIK eye surgery without being given adequate informed consent regarding possible problems with her connective tissue disorder, rheumatoid arthritis and dry eyes. As a result she allegedly had severe loss of vision in both eyes from "corneal melting" and there was a period of about two and one-half months when she was legally blind.

On July 7, 2003, Dr. Vitale was dismissed and the next day court convened, and on the 11th, Dr. Rippel settled out.

Mrs. I's lawyer argued that Dr. Caro, among other things, didn't tell her she was at increased risk because of her pre-existing conditions, didn't give her proper informed consent and also should have only done one eye at a time instead of both.

Dr. Caro's lawyer, among other things, argued that Dr. Caro was truly a pioneer in his field as he had done over seven thousand such procedures, taught all over the world, and that Mrs. I. did have proper informed consent as she viewed a video prior to surgery and also signed a four page consent form, some of which stated that sometimes further surgery would be necessary (she underwent two more procedures), and that her vision might actually get worse.

On July 15, 2003, the jury found Dr. Caro not liable.

Source:  www.malpracticeweb.com/caro_ir.htm

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