August 25, 2003

Dr. Nicholas Caro Sued for Medical Malpractice by "R.C"

R. C.,
Nicholas C. Caro, M.D.,
Nicholas C. Caro, M.D., S.C.
& Associates and St. George
Corrective Vision Center,

In her ophthalmology - eye - surgical malpractice lawsuit filed in 1999, Mrs. C claimed that during her treatment consisting of multiple refractive surgeries to both eyes at St. George Corrective Vision Center between August of 1993 and September of 1997, Dr. Nicholas Caro and/or other personnel affiliated with him, among other things, performed two surgeries that have a well known poor success rate (hexagonal keratotomy and/or automated lamellar keratoplasty), failed to properly inform her about the experimental nature of each surgery performed which ultimately necessitated corneal transplantation, and also didn't inform her that an excimer laser, apparently manufactured by PDI Laser, was not approved by the FDA and that the FDA had denied Dr. Caro's application to use it, and went ahead and used it on her anyway.

File documentation indicates that Mrs. C also underwent an intrastromal keratoplasty, bilateral LASIK surgery, and phototherapeutic keratectomy.

Interestingly, Mrs. C's lawyer also accused Dr. Caro of making 20 false statements during his discovery deposition and by giving false and misleading answers to written discovery by claiming that he had received an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the FDA allowing him to legally use the PDI laser, or that his own attorneys told him that it had been approved, when if fact his application had been rejected by them.

This suit was settled for a confidential amount on August 25, 2003.


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