August 17, 2005

Complaint Filed Against Dr. Nicholas Caro with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation

August 17th, 2005

Attn: Investigator Joe Annerino
(Medical Enforcement)
Illinios Department of Professional Regulation
James R. Thompson Center
100 West Randolph, Suite#9-300
Chicago, Illinios 60601
w: 312-814-4526
F: 312-814-3145

Thank you for your reply to my initial complaint #200504961 against St. George Corrective Vision Center/Dr. Nick Caro:

I do hope that this complaint issued by me is fully scrutinized. I also feel that if the attention to detail is given, many other findings will be revealed about this practicing doctor, and maybe those findings will eventually lead to a "suspended medical license or even termination" for due cause.

Enclosed, please find the following information regarding this case:

1: Personal Story by Dean Andrew Kantis.
2: Very informative websites regarding Lasik and Post Lasik disasters.
3: Filed BBB complaint, Attorney General Complaint, and IDFPR complaints.
4: Dr. Caros website info, notes pre/post surgery Aug. 24/25th 1999.
5: Dr. Edward Boshnick & Dr. Ken Maller (call them to determine malpractice and they will verify that Dr. Caro did indeed do a poor job).
6: Dr. Pannu/Pannu Laser Institute is the Dr. that Dr. Caro had me follow up with Post Lasik for the first 3 years.
7: FDAs website article about seizing Dr. Caros "illegal laser."
8: Chicago, IL law on "medical malpractice."
9: Copy of the "checklist" that the FDA requires "prior" to Lasik.
10: Contact Page for the Chicago, IL "clerk of court" on the 60+ lawsuits.

Best Regards,
Dean Andrew Kantis

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