March 25, 2005

Dr. Jack Dodick Escapes Liability for Damaging Lisa Amendolia's Vision

New York Law Journal

Amendolia v. Dodick, No. 18268/01

Court: Kings Supreme

Plaintiff Attorney: Jonathon D. Warner of Warner & Scheuerman, New York.

Defense Attorney: John L.A. Lyddane of Martin Clearwater & Bell, New York.

A New York ophthalmologist was found not liable for vision problems one of his patients complained of following LASIK surgery. Plaintiff Lisa Amendolia claimed that her vision worsened significantly in the three years following the LASIK procedure, which uses a laser to reshape the cornea. She sued Dr. Jack Dodick, who performed the procedure, alleging that he incorrectly applied the laser so as to create upward corneal ablation, thus forming superiorly decentered ablations that distort her vision. Dr. Dodick contended that the laser was applied properly, but that Ms. Amendolia's eyes did not heal evenly.

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