March 25, 2005

Singaporeans Reject Lasik in Favor of Neurovision

More myopic Singaporeans resort to Neurovision treatment to achieve better vision

Channel NewsAsia

Using the novel Neurovision treatment, more myopic Singaporeans are now able to throw away their eyeglasses.

The non-invasive treatment has the potential of giving near-perfect vision and is good news for the estimated half-a-million Singaporeans who suffer from low myopia.

The treatment "re-programmes" a patient brain to see better, without any surgery.

To do that, the patient stares at a computer screen as part of the treatment which may take several months.

Results have been promising after treating 200 patients in this way.

One patient who has used this new treatment is Daryl Lim.

Even after lasik eye surgery four years ago, his vison was far from perfect so he turned to Neurovision at the National Eye Centre for help.

He said: "When I started my eyesight was recorded as 6/18 or 6/20, it improved to about 6/7.5 or 6/8. And that's quite significant, I saw greater contrast in the colours that I saw and sharpness in words."

An increasing number of Singaporeans are turning to this unique method of correcting their myopic eyesight.

Associate Professor Donald Tan, Director, Singapore Eye Research Institute, said many patients showed improvement after the treatment.

Of the 51 patients being monitored, nearly three quarters improved two lines or more on the standard eye chart.

The treatment works well for those with low myopia.

But for people with a higher degree of myopia, the treatment is ineffective.

Associate Professor Tan said: "We initially started out with patients with 150 degrees or below, because the treatment works best in this range. Since then we have extended it...we have a lot of patients who come in with 200 degrees."

Daryl Lim said: "I'm quite happy with my eyesight as it is, and it's functional, I only need glasses at night, but that's a known side effect for post-lasik patients or when I want to see the subtitles in cinemas. But I can do without my glasses."

Two more NeuroVision centres were recently opened in Singapore to keep up with the demand for such treatment and more centres are planned in other parts of the world. - CNA.

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