April 07, 2005

Lasek Surgery Disqualifies Israeli Pilots from Training Program

If you are one of many who underwent Lasek laser surgery for the removal of eyeglasses, perhaps in the hope of becoming eligible to apply for the Air Force's pilot training program, you may as well begin looking for an alternative military career.

The IDF's weekly BaMahane magazine reported that people who underwent Lasek surgery are not eligible to apply for the pilot training program under regulations established by the air force's medical board. Those who wear eyeglasses or had the surgery are ineligible to apply.

The decision was handed down last week after Air Force medical experts consulted with ophthalmologists, admitting data and long-term studies and patient follow-up are not available. Lt. Col. Dr. Bella Azzariya admits data is limited, adding the air force is unable to determine how altitude, lack of oxygen and other factors will impact a person who underwent the surgery, so the medical experts are compelled to take a hard-line approach in the matter.

Azzariya added pilots who underwent the surgery will be permitted to continue flying, but will be compelled to undergo periodical examinations to monitor the situation.


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