June 27, 2003

Dr. Jain and Dr. Shahinfar Agree to Stop Suing Each Other

Bloomberg Eye Center's Owners Resolve Legal Dispute

Julie Shaw
Advocate Reporter

NEWARK -- Bloomberg Eye Center's two co-owners have dismissed their lawsuit claims against each other in a move that paves the way for the possible return to the practice of an eye surgeon whose license was suspended for alcohol abuse.

Dr. Vikas K. Jain -- known for his past performances of and widespread advertisements for laser eye surgery -- said Thursday that he is undergoing treatment for alcoholism, has been sober for more than seven months and would like to get his license reinstated by the State Medical Board of Ohio in hopes of working at the Newark eye center again.

In a filing Tuesday with the Licking County Common Pleas Court, attorneys for Jain and Dr. Shahin Shahinfar, stipulated that both parties have dismissed their lawsuit claims against each other.

The litigation between the two eye doctors began when Shahinfar, minority owner of Bloomberg Eye Center, filed a lawsuit against Jain on Jan. 17, claiming that Shahinfar suffered damages from Jain's actions, including allegedly diverting funds to his control.

During the litigation process, Jain had tried, unsuccessfully, to fire Shahinfar via a letter dated April 1.

Jain said Thursday the dismissal of litigation claims makes it clear that Shahinfar will continue to work at Bloomberg and removes any uncertainty for the community and the staff.

"This basically means we've resolved the stumbling blocks between us," Jain, 36, of Granville, said on Thursday.

Shahinfar, 40, said: "We came to an agreement and understanding with both attorneys."

Under a new agreement that lasts to the end of this year, Jain maintains majority ownership of Bloomberg.

Shahinfar is currently the only laser eye surgeon at Bloomberg. Rama Chandran, an ophthalmologist at Ohio State University, will begin working at Bloomberg July 1 and will also practice LASIK, Jain said.

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On November 24 the administrator received a telephone call from Judy Mackey. She requested to have this posting removed on the basis that Dr. Shahinfar is tarnished by his association with Dr. Jain.  Judy Mackey is employed by Bloomberg Eye Center: http://optometry.ohio.gov/ce03.pdf

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