September 01, 2003

Surgeons Describes "Irrational Enthusiam for Lasik"

Lee Shahinian, Jr, MD, a corneal surgeon in private practice in Mountainview, California, states that, despite LASIK’s generally excellent results, complications have been reported in approximately 4% of cases,1 and almost all of these problems are related to the microkeratome and stromal flap. “With the severing of corneal nerve trunks and the cutting of 200 million stromal collagen fibrils, LASIK has profound and lasting effects on the corneal anatomy and physiology,” he says.

Dr. Shahinian says that LASEK is challenging both the safety and efficacy of LASIK. “Eventually, we will abandon the routine use of the microkeratome in refractive surgery,” he maintains. He also states that, today, there is an irrational exuberance for LASIK, coupled with a large vested interest in the procedure on the part of ophthalmologists, laser centers, and equipment companies. “Whenever safety and efficacy issues are downplayed or ignored, there is a risk that, when a change in attitude finally occurs, it may be sudden and wrenching, with significant financial and professional liability implications.”

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