Transcript of TLC’s radio advertisements

There is only one way to choose a doctor for laser vision correction, ask a doctor.

"I'm Dr. Joe Dello Russo, and I had laser eye surgery in November, by Dr. Donnenfeld."

TLC laser eye center medical director, Dr. Eric Donnenfeld has performed LASIK surgery on more doctors than any other doctor in the area. "I know Dr. Donnenfeld has taken care of many physicians. There is no question. You go with the experience".

Call TLC Garden City at 1-888-Call-TLC. There is never a charge for a consultation, and you can watch Dr. Donnenfeld perform the procedure in person, before you have yours.

"I'm Dr. Joe Dello Russo and I would definitely recommend Dr. Donnenfeld. You want the best."

TLC Laser Eye Centers: You only have one set of eyes, don't trust them to anyone but TLC, because better doctors mean less risk and better results. 1-888-Call-TLC. The number again, 1-888-Call-TLC. Call today.