Defective Bausch and Lomb Microkeratomes

When you undergo LASIK, your surgeon will cut a flap in your cornea and will most likely use a Hansatome microkeratome to perform the cut.  Hansatome microkeratomes are manufactured by Bausch & Lomb.

Are Hansatome microkeratomes safe and reliable?  Sharon Guess doesn't think so, and she is suing Bausch & Lomb for $40 million after a defective microkeratome blade broke in her eye during surgery.  

A former Bausch & Lomb production supervisor doesn't think the Hansatome microkeratomes are safe either, and sent a detailed letter to the FDA describing shoddy manufacturing processes for the Hansatome microkeratome.  The production supervisor was also kind enough to send a copy of the letter to me.

ABC News in Dallas, Texas warned the public about defective microkeratomes, and you can download their news story here (164 MB file in MPG format).

B&L finally admitted to Sharon Guess' attorney that the blade broke in her eye, but claims that Sharon's eye was not damaged.

"First, B&L said the blade was not defective and now they admitted it was," Parisi said. "Now they say when the blade broke in her eye, it didn't cause any harm. How is that possible?"

Parisi said the admission of liability "will open up a watershed of lawsuits" against B&L.

Read the story here.